Spinal Cord

Chiropractor Roger Berton and the team at A Healthy Way Alternative Therapy Clinic in Tecumseh offer services aimed at helping patients reach optimal health and improved quality of life. Dr. Berton is professionally trained and licenced to manually adjust the body’s joints and vertebrae of the spine. Manual manipulation (adjustment) provides pain relief, optimal nervous system function, improved muscle and ligament biomechanics, and restores normal functioning of the joints. Chiropractors pay special attention to the spine and nervous system because it is the main connection to overall health. Chiropractic care provides patients pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Berton has a proven track record of pain relief for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions originating from the spine.

Chiropractic has helped millions of people recover from aches, pains, sickness, diseases, and disabilities, along with minimizing the use of drugs and surgery in their lives. Modern Chiropractic began in 1895 with Dr. D.D. Palmer, although manipulation was recorded in ancient Egypt more than four centuries ago. Dr. Berton’s Chiropractic methods are joint mobilization, (diversified) manual manipulation, activator and Thompson Techniques to affect joints and muscles. In addition, he encompasses a large variety of additional therapies and modalities into his practice for the treatment of necks, backs, knees, headaches, arthritis, migraines, chronic pain, sports injuries, tennis and golfers elbow, muscle strains, joint sprains, fibromyalgia, disc herniations, sciatica, pregnancy and child care.